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Ombre Brows  is a form of cosmetic artistry created  with a digital tattoo  machine specially produced for Permanent make-up. This technique implants small pixels of pigment using a shading motion. Ombre creates a fuller brow similar to make-up or a brow tint. Ombre brows last between 12-24 months depending on skin type.

The Procedure - What to expect when you come for your treatment .

Booking Consultation - This is FREE to book, a full consultation will  always taken place before your initial treatment. This will enable me to get a clear understanding  of your needs and what you wish to achieve . Full medical history will be taken to insure you are suitable for the treatment. All the Pre-treatment advice and after care will be given to you so you can be prepared for your treatment. The consultation will give you the time to ask any questions so you can be ready for your treatment in confidence. Finally I will preform a test patch ready for your treatment. Your microblading procedure can be booked at the appointment. Booking your consultation can be made by phone, email or our online booking system .

Initial treatment - Firstly I will design your desired brow shape. This Mapping stage will be achieved  using guides , precise measurements and an expert eye to achieve the shape that best suits your face shape and bone structure . We will work together until you are 100% happy with the design before I start the tattoo stage.

Tattooing - Now its time for your new brows to life! At most you will feel a small scratch sensation throughout the treatment. The pixels will be added throughout the brows to create a full defined effect. This initial treatment  will take up to 3 hours. An after care pack will be given to you with instructions to look after your Brows while they are healing.

6-8 Week Top up -After 6 weeks its time to prefect any areas as your brows have healed, At this point we can also adjust the shape slightly or colour if needed .

We advice you come back for colour boosts every 12-18 months, this will vary from person to person depending on ski  type. 


Service Prices 


Bespoke Ombre brows Initial Treatment -£350.00


Bespoke Ombre brows 6-8 week touch upComplimentary 

Please note that you must have your 2nd treatment session within 8 weeks of your initial treatment. Your top up is essential.


Colour Boost

12- 18 months        £150.00

 18- 24 month+       £220.00

    Please Note a £50 booking fee will be required to book your Initial treatment. (please see full terms & conditions)


I would love to hear from you, Get in contact today with your brow enquiry.

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