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Terms & Conditions

Please read and understand my terms and conditions before booking.


1. A patch test must be done at least 48 hours before appointment  and reporting of any reaction to topical anaesthetic and/or pigments as soon as possible.

2. All medical history must be declared at consultation.

3.  Every client must have 2 treatments, the first treatment is charged in full, your top up is complementary, you must have this top up to complete your treatment fully.

4.  Your top up appointment must be preformed no later them 2 month after you initial  treatment.

5.  In some rare cases , a third treatment may be required, this could be due to oily skin, very dry skin , light brows, some medications or if the correct aftercare is not followed, this will be charged accordingly. should you need a third treatment this will be preformed 4-6 weeks after the second one.

6.  You are required to book your top up at the initial appointment.

7.  100% successful results can not be guaranteed due to a number of factors including problematic skin. In theses cases a refund will not be offered.

8. Please arrive on time to your appointment, Arriving late to your appointment may result in you forfeiting your deposit and treatment slot.

9. You must follow the aftercare instructions correctly, failure to do so will result in a poor healed result and may result in a extra cost at top up appointment.

10. Pre treatment instructions must be followed, if you fail to do so we may not be able to perform your treatment and will result in you loosing your deposit.

11. Unfortunately , some medical conditions, medication and if you are pregnancy or breast feeding will be excluded form having microblading. It is your responsibility to inform me before your appointment, failure to do so will result in you loosing your deposit. 

12. Colour boost is recommended from 9-18 months. This will vary from client depending on many factors.

13. I fully reserve the right to refuse treatment.

14.All prices are subject to change without prior notice.



Booking & Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable £50 booking free is required to secure your Initial treatment, The remaining balance is required to be paid in full at your first appointment. No appointment can be made without your booking fee .

Failure to attend a scheduled appointment and failure to give 48 Hours’ notice of a cancellation or rearrangement of an appointment will waive your rights to using your booking fee towards a new appointment. A new booking fee will be required to book another appointment.

Booking fees are non refundable. 

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